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  • Pure Design
    Design dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural environment. Meeting the needs of today without sacrificing tomorrow.
  • Adaptive Design
    Design with the inherent flexibility to meet current and future needs. Versatility that yields to change while retaining style and function.
  • Smart Design
    Design driven by the principles of productivity. Relevant decisions that make sense for people and places.
  • Creative Design
    Design borne of innovative thinkers, intuitive problem-solvers and experienced expressionists. A celebration of space, elevating functionality to the realm of art.
  • Incredible Design
    Design proven to produce incredible results in people and space. Interiors that award the ability to achieve your highest potential.

Incredible Interior Design Solutions


Why choose Bennett Design as your Interior Design Firm?

Bennett Design Associates is an interior design firm that understands the balance between design as an art and design as a construction tool. Together with our architect and engineering partners, our interior design firm has the ability to create elegant design solutions that result in dynamic and client-specific interior spaces. As an interior design firm, we believe in delivering a tailored design process that is fine-tuned and respectful to your needs. Our designers excel in working in close collaboration with you, the client, to create a lasting design that will benefit all aspects of your daily encounters. By focusing on your exact requirements, our interior design firm will lead your project smoothly from early concept art to construction and implementation, through to completion.


Commitment to Sustainability

As a part of our interior design firm’s commitment to designing for people first, we are proud to showcase our Pure Design™ approach to interiors. Pure Design™ is the practice of specifying products and solutions that strive to leave a neutral footprint on our environment. We employ this practice for all of our projects, across all sectors. It is our goal to maintain a positive impression on the environment while creating long-lasting high-quality design. In launching every project with an outlook to sustainability, Bennett Design Associates is known for its environmental leadership.


Commitment to Relevant Design

At Bennett Design Associates, we believe that knowledge is power, and have harnessed the ability to gain that in-depth knowledge of your company through our proprietary d.i.g. program. By gaining a deep understanding of your firm from a top-down perspective, we are able to translate that knowledge into credible, relevant corporate interior design that supports your business, space and culture today and tomorrow. We provide the same commitment and dedication to every project to ensure a positive environment for all who come into contact with our designs.


Commitment to You

Unlike many architects and interior design firms, we consider ourselves to be humble. We measure our success through client feedback, not on a finished work of art that meets construction specs. We greatly value client satisfaction in not just the completed work, but through the entire project duration. We can take your project from concept to completion efficiently, professionally, and within the project, parameters dictated by you the client. The needs of our clients drive our design direction, providing the foundation from which we create incredible interiors encompassing the scope from retail interior design to corporate and institutional.  Bennett Design Associates is not an interior design firm that merely designs rooms with furniture; we create environments, communities, and connections.

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