shutterstock_93901528It’s not about where you work; it’s about how you work.

The way the world does business is changing. The information age is slowly killing the traditional nine to five worker. Emerging is a new, incredibly versatile employee whose needs must be met.  In a worker-centered corporate landscape, creating an open and unrestricted environment is critical for attracting and maintaining the talented, loyal and efficient workforce that is your largest asset.  How do your employees collaborate and share knowledge? How do people with different experiences from various positions connect and innovate in the workplace?

The goal of the Bennett Design d.i.g.™ program is to gain an intimate perspective on how your business functions within its space, to harness its potential, and then develop an environment and culture that supports an agile and adaptive work strategy. We seek to maximize your facilities with an outlook to future growth and business drivers, while fostering an open culture that breeds collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees.

The d.i.g.™ process is designed to be implemented as an on-going assessment strategy that adapts to your company’s changing situation. By using the d.i.g.™ program every third quarter over a five-year term, we will start identifying patterns and trends that will allow your organization to react to shifting paradigms and continually realize the collective potential of your workforce. These benefits are tangible and will positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Using d.i.g.™ we can provide clients with data about how their people are working and what they require from their space to work better.  Ultimately, we evaluate individuals, teams, departments, and the overall corporation and provide feedback and planning about how to maximize the productivity and efficiency of these important resources.


Pure Design
iStock_000021204093MediumWe’re helping to create a more sustainable world

At Bennett Design, we understand that the way we do business has an effect on the natural world we live in. As we guide and support our clients through the design process, we are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the decisions we make together uphold our environmental principles.

As an interior design firm, we take our role at the top of the product specification chain very seriously. In response, we have developed Pure Design, an environmental initiative aimed at providing every client with a design that includes responsible product specification and design practices – whether or not the client chooses to conform to LEED building standards.

Pure Design is the practice of specifying products and solutions that support our collective efforts to limit our footprint on the natural environment. We believe in supporting suppliers that are working to improve their products and manufacturing methods to better respect the world around us. We do research in the industry, continually educate ourselves, and foster connections with those who are working toward the same environmental goals. Ultimately, we are hoping to one day be able to provide full ‘cradle to cradle’ sustainable solutions for every aspect of our designs.

The Green Initiatives Tracking Sheet is a report Bennett Design prepares for every client upon project completion. The report lists the specific design elements incorporated into their workspace that conserve resources, reduce waste, improve indoor air quality, and provide subsequent employee health benefits. This document is intended as a launching platform from which clients are free to build upon and share with both employees and customers. We are proud to offer this service, and our clients should be proud of their efforts too.