Brown Bag Overhaul

lunch bag

Here at Bennett Design we are committed to continual learning. That is one of the main reasons why we set aside our Tuesday noon hours for Lunch & Learns; a time when our design industry colleagues are invited to share their newest products and trends, and educate our team on a wide variety of topics from the field.  In addition to our craving for knowledge, we also love Lunch & Learns because of the food! Our amazing local caterer, Charmaine Hamill of Purple Onion Cuisine, brings a touch of class to our Tuesday meals. From beautiful blueberry and citrus quinoa salads to savory stuffed pork medallions, Charmaine’s culinary creations are highly anticipated by the Bennett staff. If you are looking for catering for an event or an in-house party, check out Purple Onion Cuisine at www.purpleonioncuisine.ca