Commitment to our Community

NEWbanner2The Beach Ball

6 years ago, a little fundraiser called the Beach Bash was established to support one of our colleagues who was battling uterine cancer. In the past 6 years, that little Beach Bash has raised over $130,000.00 in the fight against women’s cancers. We know that there is power in numbers, so we decided to take that little Beach Bash and turn it into something huge. The Bash grew into a full blown Beach Ball, and we have turned that fundraiser over to the design community to make it bigger and better than ever. On June 20th, 2013 the first annual Beach Ball took place at Sunnyside Pavilion when Design Industry gave back a whopping $45,000. The Beach Ball has become our industry’s biggest party, bringing together our community to raise a ton of money in support of Sunnybrook Hospital by kicking off our shoes, dancing in the sand, and toasting the summer to the sound of a calypso beat.  This year’s Beach Ball is on Thursday, June 23rd at the Sunnyside Pavilion. See you at the beach!  The Beach Ball – Click here for info!The Beach Ball

Eventbrite - The Beach Ball - 2016 - Design Gives Back


b dirtyBennett B-Dirty Days

Each year, we host a two day summer event for the Bennett Design Team. One of those days is considered our “B-Clean Day” and we will go offsite for a day of fun, team building and a luncheon, but the other day – the “B-Dirty Day” is dedicated to cleaning up the environment around us and involves cleaning trash out of neighborhood forests, and responsibly disposing of old tires, plastic and garbage. We have a great time getting dirty to make our local green spaces pristine.


Compassion Canada

Bennett Design has been sponsoring at least 2 children on a monthly basis through Compassion Canada for more than 10 years now. We believe every kid deserves a chance in life and we are thrilled to have been able to help give that chance to our Compassion Kids in Colombia, Indonesia and Mexico over the years.  Our staff take turns corresponding with the children by letter and email and have seen the fruit of our giving as they grow, learn and prosper.

Click here and choose a child to sponsor. It’s the best thing you will do all day.

Sponsor a Child


Creative Expression Award

The Bennett Design Associates  ‘Creative Expression Award’ honours the Uxbridge Public School graduating student who has shown outstanding creativity in the arts – be that music, drama, art or presentation graphics.

This award is chosen by the teachers, and unlike many of the awards given at the graduation ceremonies that are academic achievements, this award is driven by a student’s ability to use the right side of their brain in expressing themselves.  We are proud to support the creative young people in our community.